Tres Seaver wrote:
> Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> On Dec 29, 2007, at 18:28 , Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>>> For the small number of CMF parts I'm +1 for individual eggs.

I understood both comments as positive votes and have done the dirty
work of moving CMF trunk into separate parts now. I haven't moved the
2.1 branches yet as it was done for CMFCore.

>> I like your argument where we could use this as an opportunity to move  
>> packages like CMFUid out of the bundle/egg/tarball/whatever that  
>> people get when they get the CMF. I wouldn't mind having a division  
>> where you have...
>>   - CMFCore (the foundation which may be used by itself to develop  
>> other kinds of portal software)
>>   - CMFDefault + DCWorkflow + (maybe) CMFTopic (a "finished" sample  
>> for a CMFCore-based portal software bundle)
>>   - CMFUid (optional add-on)
>>   - CMFCalendar (optional add-on)
>>   - CMFActionIcons (optional add-on)

I haven't updated the install_requires of the individual eggs yet. But
if you for example "easy_install CMFCalendar" you should get a working
system including its depdendencies which probably includes the rest of
CMF as well. The same goes for the other options, so installing
CMFDefault will pull in DCWorkflow and CMFTopic will probably include
both CMFDefault and DCWorkflow. Careful dependency analysis is needed
here, though.

> If we go ahead and break each product out into its own egg, we can
> create one or more "meta eggs" which stitch them back together.  E.g.,
> the meta egg could have:
>   install_requires=['Products.GenericSetup',
>                     'Products.CMFCore'
>                     'Products.CMFDefault',
>                     'Products.CMFTopic',
>                     'Products.DWorkflow',
>                    ],
>   extras_require={'uid': ['Products.CMFUid'],
>                   'calendar': ['Products.CMFCalendar'],
>                   'actionicons': ['Products.CMFActionIcons'],
>                   'kitchensink': ['Products.CMFUid',
>                                   'Products.CMFCalendar',
>                                   'Products.CMFActionIcons',
>                                  ],
>                   }

Sounds good - except for the kitchensink name ;)


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