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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
The CMF 2.1 branch has seen enough fixes since CMF 2.1.0 to make a meaningful bugfix release. If there are no objections I would cut CMF 2.1.1-beta tomorrow (Friday 12/28) and a final a week later. I'm out of town from tomorrow night until 1/1, that's why I would have to do the beta either tomorrow or after 1/1. The CMF-2.1-branch is currently using the GS 1.3.2 tag, I propose to move that up to the tip of the GS 1.3 branch today, and then tagging GS 1.3.3 alongside CMF 2.1.1 final and pinning them together that way.


If there are no objections before this evening, I'll backport the changes mentioned here:

No objections from me. I should have said that right away when I read your original message.


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