On Dec 29, 2007, at 18:28 , Hanno Schlichting wrote:
What's the status of moving all the other parts into separate projects /

FWIW there hasn't been a final vote on the one-meta-egg vs. individual
eggs question.

For the small number of CMF parts I'm +1 for individual eggs.

Yes, this is an open question. Products.CMFCore has been prepared so it could be published as its own egg. But there hasn't been a decision whether to set up individual eggs for each CMF package or just one big egg or a combination of the two solutions.

I like your argument where we could use this as an opportunity to move packages like CMFUid out of the bundle/egg/tarball/whatever that people get when they get the CMF. I wouldn't mind having a division where you have...

- CMFCore (the foundation which may be used by itself to develop other kinds of portal software)

- CMFDefault + DCWorkflow + (maybe) CMFTopic (a "finished" sample for a CMFCore-based portal software bundle)

 - CMFUid (optional add-on)

 - CMFCalendar (optional add-on)

 - CMFActionIcons (optional add-on)


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