Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> By the way, I have attempted to upload the new GS 1.3.3 to the cheese
> shop, but even though I have a login it told me I am not allowed to do
> so. This is the first time I am uploading anything, and looking through
> the scant documentation linked from the scheese shop pages I couldn't
> find any help.
> Who knows why I am getting a 403 error message and how can I get around
> it? I tried to execute the following in the toplevel
> Products.GenericSetup folder, where the file is:
> /path/to/python register

You get that because you are not authorized ;)

Looking at the page it says: Package Index Owner: tseaver

So right now only Tres is allowed to upload or change that package. The
Cheese Shop has a simple permission model with an Owner and Maintainer
role and only knows about people and not groups.

The maintainer role can only manage releases and files, while the Owner
can add new users or delete the whole package from the cheese shop.

For GenericSetup Tres should probably add at least you as a second
Owner. He needs your Cheese Shop login name for that. Permission
handling is done through the web interface only.

For most packages I uploaded to the cheese shop I have given a couple of
people usually directly an Owner role.


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