Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On Dec 29, 2007, at 14:05 , Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> The maintainer role can only manage releases and files, while the Owner
>> can add new users or delete the whole package from the cheese shop.
>> For GenericSetup Tres should probably add at least you as a second
>> Owner. He needs your Cheese Shop login name for that. Permission
>> handling is done through the web interface only.
> Interesting, I'll talk to Tres then. The few bits of documentation that
> I saw linked from the cheese shop did not mention this at all. Is there
> better documentation out there?

If you find any, please let me know ;)

The roles are explained directly in the admin interface, the rest is
'lessons-learned' by using the Cheese Shop for a rather long time now.

I would suggest to define a list of people to add as owners for both
GenericSetup and yet-to-be-added Products.CMF* probably consisting of
Jens, Tres and Yvo?

If I can get the login names of those, I'll add them to
five.localsitemanager as well. This is mostly just for emergency
handling and making sure we don't depend on a single person should the
need for an urgent release arise.


P.S. The full test of the role administration page is:

Role maintenance

Use this form to add or remove a user's Role for a Package. The
available Roles are defined as:


Owns a package name, may assign Maintainer Role for that name. The first
user to register information about a package is deemed Owner of the
package name. The Admin user may change this if necessary. May submit
updates for the package name.

Can submit and update info for a particular package name.

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