Miles wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me if it is possible to register an adapter to provide a 
> different IndexableObjectWrapper class from the stock CMF one?  There's 
> some sort of framework code that hints that it ought to enable this, but 
> I can't see how!
> The code still seems to instantiate the wrapper directly using the 
> class, rather than looking it up via the component architecture.
> Can anyone explain what's going on?  I've drawn a blank from googling 
> for examples.

In plain CMF, probably not. In Plone, we have a custom CatalogTool which 
does let you provide a new wrapper wholesale based on object type.

In Plone 3.3, we'll *also* have a means of providing individual 
*attributes* of the wrapper via adapters. See This package should work with 
stock CMF (though you'll need to wire it into the catalog tool yourself).


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