>> Could we push this further down the stack to the ZCatalog, making it 
>> unnecessary to override catalog_object in CMF? AFAICS all CMF-specific 
>> stuff could be done inside the wrapper.
> Maybe. Touching ZCatalog is kinda scary, though.

I think trying to remove catalog_object completely might require 
significantly more thought.  There are lots more ways in which the basic 
ZCatalog can be used that we need to consider, in contrast to 
CatalogTool.  What happens if you have two catalogs - should they always 
both apply the same wrappers?  What if you want an unwrapped object to 
be cataloged in one of them?  It's making my head hurt ...

However, one thing that I'd like an opinion on is whether it's useful to 
move the handling of workflow variables out of catalog_object and into 
the IndexableObjectWrapper class?  To my mind it seems cleaner to move 
it, but I'm not sure on the BBB impact.


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