Tres Seaver wrote:
> yuppie wrote:
>> But 
>> can't we make the adapter lookup in catalog_object optional and wouldn't 
>> that make test setups simpler?
> Agreed.  I had expected that the catalog would do a queryAdapter, and
> default to the existing wrapper class if not found.

Well. I had expected it would default to the unwrapped object. 
Restricted catalog queries rely on allowedRolesAndUsers, but AFAICS it 
is not essential for CMFCore that the object is wrapped before cataloged.

The current code on the branch requires the new IIndexableObject 
interface. I'm not sure if we should make it required. It makes things 
more explicit, but creates an additional burden for simple use cases and 
unit tests. It should be sufficient to assume that objects without 
registered adapter are indexable unwrapped.



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