This change is now done, and checked in on a branch.

As there are no adapters in CMFCore at the moment, there's no precedent 
to follow.  So:

  - The multi-adapter is registered in a new file, implements.zcml

  - The TraversingEventZCMLLayer now also loads implements.zcml, as the 
correct behaviour of both the catalog and the adapter class is required 
for the folder tests to pass.

  - The CatalogTool tests set up the adapter at the moment, as a lot of 
the catalog tests require the adapter to work properly.  This is done in 
the _makeContent method as it applied to most tests that used the dummy 
content.  However, I think it belongs somewhere else, but I wasn't sure 
whether that place was a layer, a setup method or somewhere else.  Any 

Otherwise, the branch is here and all the tests pass:



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