>>>   - The CatalogTool tests set up the adapter at the moment, as a lot of 
>>> the catalog tests require the adapter to work properly.  This is done in 
>>> the _makeContent method as it applied to most tests that used the dummy 
>>> content.  However, I think it belongs somewhere else, but I wasn't sure 
>>> whether that place was a layer, a setup method or somewhere else.  Any 
>>> suggestions?
>> I agree it belongs somewhere else. Maybe a registerWrapper method. But 
>> can't we make the adapter lookup in catalog_object optional and wouldn't 
>> that make test setups simpler?
> Agreed.  I had expected that the catalog would do a queryAdapter, and
> default to the existing wrapper class if not found.

Makes sense for BBB - it's possible that someone might be inheriting 
from the Catalog but not loading the adapter registrations, in which 
case their code would just break.

Can I suggest the following logic:

  1. if the object already implements the IIndexableObject marker 
interface, no wrapping is required;

  2. otherwise, adapt to IIndexableObject to do the wrapping;

  3. if no adapter is registered, fall back to the existing 
IndexableObjectWrapper class for BBB.

In the case of 3, I would like to issue some deprecation warning or log 
message to alert that a registration is required in future.  As 2.2.0 is 
not yet released, is it possible/desirable to make it a deprecation?


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