Good point about the Zope version.

>> However, one thing that I'd like an opinion on is whether it's useful to 
>> move the handling of workflow variables out of catalog_object and into 
>> the IndexableObjectWrapper class?  To my mind it seems cleaner to move 
>> it, but I'm not sure on the BBB impact.
> +1
> I can't see any additional BBB issues. Who ever uses a customized 
> IndexableObjectWrapper uses also a customized catalog_object method.
> I'm still not sure if we should just adapt the object or also the portal 
> or the catalog:
> Registering different adapters for different portals doesn't make much 
> sense to me. If you need portal specific behavior you can register local 
> adapters. Registering different adapters for different kinds of catalogs 
> might be more useful and while 'portal' is a CMF specific concept the 
> catalog itself exists always.
> The other reason for adapting portal or catalog is that we want to use 
> them inside the adapter. We need some kind of context for looking up 
> stuff like workflow variables. But do we need the portal, the context of 
> the catalog or the context of the object? If the context of the object 
> is sufficient, we don't need a multi-adapter. If we just need the 
> catalog and its context, we still have a generic solution for Zope 2. If 
> we need the portal, we have a CMF-specific solution.

My thinking was that, from a given object, we can always get the portal 
(or indeed whatever object the wrapper needs).  Local adapters is the 
normal route for portal-specific behaviour, so we should stick to that 
to keep everything in one place.

Using a multi-adapter, and adapting the catalog would appear to be 
sensible - and as you say, could be generic for zope 2 in future.  In 
some sites, I've derived from catalog so as to use the 
allowedRolesAndUsers and date filtering behaviours in other catalogs 
within the portal.  So I can definitely see a use-case for it.

So +1 from me to a multi-adapter on (object, catalog).


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