On Oct 14, 2009, at 11:13 PM, Charlie Clark wrote:

> Am 14.10.2009, 22:26 Uhr, schrieb Eric Steele <ems...@psu.edu>:
>> I've managed to completely neglect this during our PLIP push, shame  
>> on
>> me...
> Get on your knees!
>> I'll be at the post-Plone conference sprints. Would anyone be willing
>> to work with me to wrap up the remaining bits holding up a CMF
>> release? I can try to drum up support from the Plone ranks. Plone 4.0
>> is 96% merged and we'll be hoping to cut an alpha very soon.
> Me and Jens will be there and Jens will be holding the "Hat of  
> Shame" over
> my head. Not sure who will be there and who'll be sober. Better  
> order the
> langos in advance! ;-)
> Charlie

Is anyone still willing to sprint on CMF 2.2 at the Plone conference?  
I don't think I've managed to meet any of you yet. I'd like to make  
sure a sprint gets announced tomorrow if we can actually make it happen.

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