On Nov 3, 2009, at 13:24 , Charlie Clark wrote:

Worked with Eric on my formlib for folders and fixing

I can't commit my formlib for folders because the browser tests fail due
to a utility lookup. Something must have changed in the browser test
framework since the summer so I hope this is easy to fix. Does anyone have an idea what might have changed? My existing browser tests are based on
the other formlib ones and are independent of the changes I made.

I have committed some changes that make all tests pass on the branch now:


@Charlie: Your wording is unclear, did you have changes in your local sandbox that were mot committed to the branch? Or were you confusing "committing" and "merging to trunk"?

@all: I'd like to get this merged before the alpha on Friday, so if anyone wants to take a look at the changes please do. Unfortunately it's currently hard to distinguish the branch changes from other trunk changes that have been merged into the branch. I will have to merge all trunk changes onto the branch once more before merging the "real" changes onto the trunk. :-(


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