On Nov 6, 2009, at 20:16 , Tres Seaver wrote:

> Eric Steele wrote:
>> Jens, could I possibly talk you into releasing an alpha (or even dev?)  
>> egg in the next week? After showing off Plone 4 at our conference, I'm  
>> getting a flood of "when can I get an alpha?" requests daily.
> - -sys.maxint to releasing any -dev eggs at all, ever, for any reason.  If
> you need that, you should be using something like infrae.subversion.
> I think we are in fine shape to release an alpha, though.

With Hanno's fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope-cmf/+bug/397795 I have now 
tagged version 2.2.0-alpha of CMFCalendar, CMFCore, CMFDefault, CMFTopic, 
CMFUid and DCWorkflow and pushed the eggs to PyPI. Since this is an alpha I 
have not yet created a 2.2 branch for those packages, this will happen with the 
first beta release.

Eric has indicated that his Plone 4-schedule looks like this right now:

 - first alpha Monday, November 16

 - two more alphas at 2 and 4 weeks after November 16, respectively

The beta schedule is not clear, but I would suggest our own CMF betas for the 
first December weekend, like Friday, December 4. If anyone does not agree, 
please speak up. These 3 weeks should provide enough time for testing.

Thanks everyone for their hard work!


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