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> Yes, I'm going to work on my stuff - some people I've bumped into seem to
> be interested as well. I don't know who else (of the CMF lot) is here but
> Jens is unfortunately ill.

Worked with Eric on my formlib for folders and fixing

I can't commit my formlib for folders because the browser tests fail due  
to a utility lookup. Something must have changed in the browser test  
framework since the summer so I hope this is easy to fix. Does anyone have  
an idea what might have changed? My existing browser tests are based on  
the other formlib ones and are independent of the changes I made.

We couldn't commit the fix to 308947 so I uploaded the patch to launchpad.  
We simply implemented additional check to the paste verify method of  
portal folders. Yuppie refers to the summer discussion about sophisticated  
preconditions but that would be overkill in my view for this.

Thanks to Eric and Hanno for helping me get stuff setup and introducing me  
to pdb and I think Eric enjoyed his first look at the CMF innards.

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