Am 10.11.2009, 21:06 Uhr, schrieb David Glick <>:

> I assume the test are still not set up correctly but comparing them with  
> other browser tests I can't see why.

> You may need to import in your test setup to activate  
> the ZCA-aware vocab registry.

I tried that but it doesn't make any difference and I can mimic creating  
the vocbulary manually in the test without a problem.

But I just double-checked the document tests as I know they have a  
vocabulary and I noticed that the vocabulary registration has to be  
handled in the test setup. So my tests now pass!

test_btreefolder fails for the same reason as it is actually calling my  
new view so I've added the vocabulary registration to that test. I've done  
this by importing the registration functions from test_document to avoid  
copy & paste. Is this okay?

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