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I guess we could add an extra option in the UI, making use of these new
options.  The user already has the option 'Include dependencies' there,
default Yes.  An extra option might be 'Apply upgrade steps of already
applied profiles instead of reapplying them completely', with default
Yes.  We might then need to make it possible to select all possible
combinations of what I now made possible.  Danger is that it gets
confusing for the end user (well, site admin).

Unrelated profiles should be left alone.  Possibly a method
'applyAllUpgradeStepsOfAllProfile' could be useful, with a big button on
the Upgrades tab.  But not in this pull request.

I would just raise an error if the dependencies are not up to date and
ignoring the problem or running upgrades or re-applying profiles is not
explicitly specified. If only one option is allowed, why not using one
argument? outdated_dependencies=None|ignore|upgrade|reapply

Maybe 'upgrade_strategy=...'  It *does* mean one keyword argument less,
which can be nice.

I have updated the pull request. See this commit:

The result is best shown with a screen shot of the Import tab. It makes the strategies available in the ZMI. And it makes it obvious which option influences which button, because the original form was unclear.

I am not sure if the screen shot as attachment is visible on the mailing list. If not, then see the pull request at
or the file directly:

I thought I would add a link to my branch on Launchpad, but apparently only the master and 1.6 branches are synced, so mine is not visible:

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