Op 18-09-15 om 09:45 schreef yuppie:
Hi Maurits,

Maurits van Rees wrote:
Op 14-09-15 om 09:02 schreef Charlie Clark:
This sounds like a good idea. The ZMI has traditionally suffered from
just having more and more knobs to twiddle with little thought of the
actual UI. I don't think that should block this PR (if it's required to
solve a common problem at short notice).

I would like to look at the UI later.  An extra tab and some cleanup on
the current Import should not be that difficult.

that would be nice, but I agree the UI issues should not block your PR.

Meanwhile, is it okay to merge the current pull request and make a
release?  It seems that most people think it is okay, but yuppie is most
on the fence.

No objections.


This was merged.

Since it *is* a change to earlier behavior, it may be better to increase the minor version and release this as 1.8.0. At least Plone needed a few changes in code used for creating a site, and in tests. I have updated the version accordingly.

Meanwhile, I have added two more pull requests, far smaller in scope:

- Add 'unsetLastVersionForProfile' method to portal_setup. This removes the profile id from the profile upgrade versions.

- pep8. This fixes over 6000 pep8 errors... Most of them fixed with the autopep8 command line tool. Small in scope yes, but due to all those errors a *very* large pull request. All tests pass.

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