On 2015-09-22 12:30, yuppie wrote:
>> - pep8.  This fixes over 6000 pep8 errors... Most of them fixed with the
>> autopep8 command line tool.  Small in scope yes, but due to all those
>> errors a *very* large pull request.  All tests pass.
> -1
> I agree with the goal to try to respect pep8 rules and to use tools that
> help doing this. But this is a massive reformatting that adds a lot of
> noise if you use blame or similar techniques. And I use often diffs
> between different versions to understand the history of the code.
> There might be a subset of pep8 rules that is already respected in most
> parts of the code and where fixing the rest wouldn't add much noise.

I dont agree. The noise is one commit. Blame does not make sense without
looking at the whole history anyway. So its one more diff in a whole series.

My only point is to not make code pep8 is to not affect other peoples
branches/ open pull requests, because rebase/merge after any massive
change is indeed lot of work.

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