Op 14-09-15 om 09:02 schreef Charlie Clark:
I didn't have a look at the Plone 5 control panel, but as you describe
it, something similar would be quite useful in the portal_setup UI. But
the Import tab has already too many options for rare use cases. It might
be better to add a new tab for importing add-ons.

This sounds like a good idea. The ZMI has traditionally suffered from
just having more and more knobs to twiddle with little thought of the
actual UI. I don't think that should block this PR (if it's required to
solve a common problem at short notice).

I would like to look at the UI later. An extra tab and some cleanup on the current Import should not be that difficult.

Meanwhile, is it okay to merge the current pull request and make a release? It seems that most people think it is okay, but yuppie is most on the fence.

To reiterate for clarity, the most important change is the default behavior of runAllImportStepsFromProfile:

Old situation: _all_ dependency profiles are applied

New situation: _new_ dependency profiles are applied, and for _old_ (already applied) dependency profiles we run the upgrade steps


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