Hi Maurits,

Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Op 23-09-15 om 16:53 schreef yuppie:
>> if you run a base profile in purge mode, shouldn't that purge profile
>> versions automatically?
> GenericSetup itself is not doing this currently.
> It might be good to do that, but I guess it is not always needed.
> Then again, I have never written a base profile myself, only extension
> profiles, so I'm not sure what creators of base profiles expect here.

if you run a base profile in purge mode, you usually want to undo all
previous configuration and start from scratch. In theory you could do
that just with some setup handlers and keep the rest of the
configuration. But I doubt someone uses it that way.

If you start from scratch, old profile versions data becomes incorrect.
So I think GenericSetup should delete that data automatically.

>> Sorry, but I'm still not convinced.
>> I agree the negative effect is smaller in the tests. I would not object
>> if you make automated cleanups in tests before you modify them.
> If you mean you want me to only cleanup an individual test file or even
> an individual test method when I touch it, then: no way.  Then pep8
> fixes and real fixes will get thrown together making it harder to judge
> a pull request.  Let's just get it over with for the tests in one go.
> Otherwise: never mind, let's not worry about pep8 for this package ever
> at all.  But maybe I misinterpret your words.

I meant: Clean up the files you plan to touch, commit that change
directly without PR, create your PR.

> Anyway, let's not lose too much sleep arguing over this.
> I have created a new pull request, superseding the other pep8 one.
> https://github.com/zopefoundation/Products.GenericSetup/pull/21
> This cleans up pep8 in the tests. The first commit is only white space.
> The second commit is more aggressive, but far, far smaller.
> Plus in the rest of the code this fixes only pep8 issues in comments or
> in empty lines: removing or adding a line or removing white space on an
> otherwise blank line.

This would be a compromise I can live with. But I was not the only one
who voted against your first PR.



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