Chris Withers wrote:
> Michael Bernstein wrote:
> >
> > If you are writing your own cataloging and uncataloging
> > code, then I think that it could be.
> Grrrr....
> The cataloguing code in Squishdot amounts to about 4 lines, all of which
> are calls to standard ZCatalog interface methods as described in:
> If you don't believe me, grep for catalog_object and
> uncatalog_object...

Ok, I believe you! Don't get mad just beacause I was asking
a question. I guess I didn't understand. In fact, if
catalog_object and uncatalog_object are interchangeable with
index_object and unindex_object, then I'm sure I don't
understand the point of inheriting from CatalogAware at all.
Is it reindex_object, which doesn't seem to have an

> > I
> > was asking why Posting objects shouldn't inherit from
> > CatalogAware?
> That wouldn't actually change the number of catalog-related lines of
> code in Squishdot. It was merely increase the compelxity of the product
> by adding CatalogAware as another base class for postings.

All right.


Michael Bernstein.

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