> Hello,
> I have a question for you zope administrators out there :
> What are your experiences whith zope running on Windows NT/2K? No matter
> what I try , zope will run significant faster on a Unixlike system
> (with the same hardware), especially when working alot with the ZCatalog.

Very much so! On a Win2k with Dual P3 1Ghz Zope runs slower than the same
install on a Linux box with 1 P133 !!!! (I have tested this on multiple
different configurations and every time it comes out the same)

> Do you guys have any proposals how to make zope run faster on windows?
> My own experience is also that zope runs faster with the "start.bat" way
> instead as a Windows NT Service. Strange, because I tried several numbers
> of threads with both ways with the same startup parameters.

I have yet to find any platform independant product that runs faster on
windows. The only things on windows that are faster are programs that use
windows specific APIs (Mainly designed to _prevent_ platform independance).

Best bet:- Go get a 300 ($450) pc and install Linux on it and use your
Windows box for what windows is good at (Sugestions anyone???) - This is
what I did, and the results were not at all disappointing.

> Thnx in advance,


Adrian Hungate

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