What is the recommend way to migrate existing code?

I assume using:

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(loggername).

When I look through the Zope HEAD code then you are using e.g.
'zodb.conn' or 'zodb.storage' but also 'Zope' as loggername. Do we
have to agree on some common usage of the logger names?
E.g. for logging calls in the reST package....better using 'Zope' or 'reST'?


--On Dienstag, 13. April 2004 15:53 Uhr -0400 Fred Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

zLOG is dead

The zLOG package used for logging throughout ZODB, ZEO, and Zope 2 has
been declared obsolete.  All logging for Zope products will use the
logging package from Python's standard library.

The zLOG package still exists in Zope 2 and the separate package for
ZODB, but it is now an API shim (or "fašade") over the logging
package.  It is expected to wither away to nothing at some point.

Why should you care?

This means that the environment variables EVENT_LOG_FILE,
are no longer honored for Zope 2.8, ZODB, or ZEO.  Zope 2 reads
logging configuring from the zope.conf configuration file, and the
test.py script for developers reads a log.ini file using the obnoxious
configuration syntax provided by the logging package itself.

If you use the ZODB distribution but not the rest of Zope, you
probably want to start changing any of your code that uses zLOG to use
the logging package.  ZODB and ZEO will be changed to use the logging
package directly as well to avoid dependence on the API shim.

How can you help?

If you have some time to contribute to Zope development, the removal
of zLOG calls from the ZODB and ZEO packages would be a welcome
contribution.  I've converted Signals/Signals.py and
Zope/Startup/__init__.py, and some modules of ZODB and ZEO already use
the logging package directly; these can serve as examples.


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