On Wednesday 14 April 2004 01:49 am, Andreas Jung wrote:
 > What is the recommend way to migrate existing code?
 > I assume using:
 > import logging
 > logger = logging.getLogger(loggername).

That works, and certainly matches what I've been doing, and what we see in the 
Zope 3 codebase as well.

 > When I look through the Zope HEAD code then you are using e.g.
 > 'zodb.conn' or 'zodb.storage' but also 'Zope' as loggername. Do we
 > have to agree on some common usage of the logger names?
 > E.g. for logging calls in the reST package....better using 'Zope' or
 > 'reST'?

I don't think there is a general convention at this time; where I've switched 
things over (only a few places), I've used what was being passed to zLOG.LOG 
as the subsystem parameter.  Where there's no precedent... I don't know.  A 
guiding convention would be nice; I could see using the package name if 
there's nothing else that sticks out as obvious.  That doesn't match a lot of 
the existing usage, though.


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