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When I look through the Zope HEAD code then you are using e.g.
'zodb.conn' or 'zodb.storage' but also 'Zope' as loggername. Do we
have to agree on some common usage of the logger names?
E.g. for logging calls in the reST package....better using 'Zope' or

 'reST' I guess is the onbious one. I would like to see something like

For Zope core core:
Zope.subsystem. i.e. 'Zope.Accesscontrol', 'Zope.OFS'.


For the default lib/python/Product stuff: Either Zope.Product or just Product, ie 'MailHost' or 'Zope.MailHost'. Which I don't care, makes no matter for me, but consistency would be good.

For consitency: Zope.Products.XXXX For lazy writers: Zope. XXXXX

I prefer the second solution...everyone should know what are products and what
are packages. In fact the name does not matter because you can see in the traceback
where the error occurs. You don't get this information from the name directly.

For other Products: Just the product name. In the case of CMF and CPS and other things, you could possibly decide to use 'CMF.Core' and 'CMF.Default' instead of 'CMFCore' and 'CMFDefault' by that also seems kinda silly.

Keep the product name as it is...means Products/XXXX should use
Zope.XXXX as logger name. No need to introduce a new mapping. Keep it simple.


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