Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 15 April 2004 11:39, Casey Duncan wrote:

Additionally (and Jim and I have discussed this amongst ourselves) I
feel strongly that the dependancies should be enforced by tests. That
is, if you introduce and errant dependancy (by adding an import to a new
package not in the stdlib or DEPENDANCIES.cfg) that it break a
dependancy test.

I think this can be easily done using the utility. I think the hard work of finding all the dependencies in the first place is done. Note that Zope can also have dependencies in its ZCML files (which is handled by

Note that for checking dependencies in Python code I still think this tool could be improved by using technology from

which can use Python's compiler module to lift all imports from source code, which I think is safer than the hand crafted parser approach takes now.

If somebody lets me know which API they want implemented for retrieving imports (and use of imports) I could do this lifting work myself.



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