Sidnei da Silva wrote:
On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 08:59:44AM -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
| >So, what about this:
| >
| >zope.component
| >zope.interfaces (?)
| >zope.configuration
| >zope.testing
| >zope.schema (soon-to-be-dead?)
| >
| >- All move to 'ca.*'
| | Most of this has nothing to do with the component architecture.
| | "ca" has nothing to do with zope.

So that's the intention. If it has nothing to do with zope, why it
should be prefixed with 'zope'?

From the zope package README.txt:

"Zope Project Packages

  The zope package is a pure namespace package holding packages developed as
  part of the Zope 3 project.

  Generally, the immediate subpackages of the zope package should be
  useful and usable outside of the Zope application server.  Subpackages
  of the zope package should have minimal interdependencies, although
  most depend on zope.interfaces.

  The one subpackage that's not usable outside the application server is
  the app subpackage,, which *is* the application
  server. Sub-packages of are not usable outside of the application
  server. If there's something in you want to use elsewhere, let us
  know and we can talk about abstracting some of it up out of"

I may have been unlucky on trying to enumerate the packages. I was
trying to figure out what kind of stuff would be useful in the context
of zope2.

Potentially, all of them.

> Maybe you can enumerate what packages are part of the
component architecture,


and what packages would be used in zope2?

All of them, eventually probably including

I have a feeling that most stuff in would not be used in zope2,
but I'm mostly surely wrong.

I think you are probably wrong.

But we don't know for sure yet.

| >*
| >
| >- Move down to 'zope'.
| | This doesn't solve name-conflict the problem. Or maybe I don't understand | what you
| are proposing.

See above.

I still don't see how having a different package named "zope" addresses the name conflict with "Zope".


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