Personally, I think Zope3 has a great future, and will pick up a much larger community than Zope2 ever did, because it's better designed and better documented.

In general, the people who stand to gain immediately (or pretty soon) from Zope3 are enthusiasts; newcomers; and ZC.

However, if the process of moving away from Zope2 is not managed very carefully and slowly, the people who stand to lose are companies that already rely on Zope2. I agree that the solution is probably to allow the community more control over the release cycle, web site, and repository. We could follow various other models from elsewhere in the OSS world, and see what happens.

I believe that ZC's apparent reticence on this is because they are (understandably) interested in preserving control over their brand, which overlaps rather largely with the software.

What would be helpful is a definitive statement from ZC as to whether they would consider relinquishing some of their control over Zope 2. Perhaps, instead of a code fork, we could have a brand fork, with a different website, a different name, and a different release schedule (think Fedora?)


Andreas Jung wrote:
From my own prospective as developer I would like to see that Z2

development over the next
two or three years continues because there is too much Z2 legacy code in the world and not
everyone is interested in following the migration path for Z3. To be honest I doubt that large
custom applications can be migrated with a justifiable amount of time and money (just because
they are completely bound to Z2 components and its architecture).

To clarify my standpoint: I am not an opponent of Zope3 but Zope 3 does not convince me
in the current stage and gives me little attraction for the projects I am working just can
not compete with Zope 2 if you are building large-scale systems at this time.


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