Stephan Richter wrote:

As stated before, I think that can be changed, if enough interest is shown in the community. But I think the Zope community lacks strong leaders; too many people are only interested in making money with it without realizing that their future depends on the general success and development of Zope.

That is not nessecarily mutually exclusive. But taking leadership is only possible if it is easy.

I doubt that Plone would have been a succes if it had followed the Zope release schedule ...

And that in itself is the problem. Making money is most important, securing the future is second. People don't care about the latter. :-(

Offcourse we do.

But we need to focus on a few areas. We cannot all develop frameworks.

Personally I serve my customers, and write content types for Plone. That is a full-time job right there.

I do take pride in making them well tested, and properly documented. I don't really see how I can do any more than that.

- The community site is a mess. Lots of outstanding problems are
not fixed, the performance
   of the site is more than poor (it takes ages to login, it takes ages to
load pages),

Stuff like performance is probably better off left to zc. It is very hardware specific, so on-site developers has a clear advantage.

usability (e.g. when you perform a software release) is bad.


Nobody is willing to contribute. ZC agreed to change to Plone so more community members can contribute.

Well. The switch wasn't very well made. It has become more difficult to use. (Why do we need the default state to be private? Or perhaps trusted Members could get the reviewer role locally so that it would be easier to use.)

> But noone has stepped up; that's very sad.

Stepped up to do what? How do you step up? To me it seems like you will get the ability to have endless comitee meetings about how it should work. Not the power to just change stuff. Even if it breaks sometimes.

I have enough of that kind of work from my customers thank you ;-)

regards Max M

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