Jim Fulton wrote:
2. Especially Andreas expressed his worries about the current release policy in Zope 2 and its future regarding maintainance and support. I have to say that I share some of his skepticism regarding Zope 2. I personally have never fully understood ZC's reasons for the release roadmap as it is. I might not see the big picture, but I know I would have done it differently. I've always tried to make that clear in the past.

I'm surprised to read this. Could you be more specific about your concerns?

I should have said "the release roadmap as it WAS". I was very skeptical about the original plans to make Zope3 backward compatible. I am still very skeptical about the ability to add conversion scripts. They would be incredibly tedious painful to write and I personally would rather migrate code manually than trust a script. After all, the paradigms have changed a lot.

I see it as realistic as Stephan. There is no sane migration to Zope3 than the one of refactoring code. Now, in order for that to happen, we need the CA in Zope2, so people can start asap. My only criticism has been and still is that the CA hasn't been introduced to Zope2 earlier. Now, I know that a) the CA has been refactored a lot since its invention (and IMO only for the good) and b) there was a lack of resources to do that actual integration. That's why I've never declared anyone guilty for it (which is why you may be surprised by this).

It sure would have been nice if Gary had shared his experience with FrankenZope a little earlier. I remember Martijn being quite eager to experiment with it, too. But that's the only constructive criticism I have.


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