Chris McDonough wrote:
On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 10:18, Peter Sabaini wrote:

That being said, I wonder if there are people interested to make an effort for a 2.7 Edition of the Zope book?

I am.  I think Paul is too.  It won't be nearly as much work as 2.5 ->
2.6.  Let's just do it.  Wanna pick chapters?  I'll get the new book set
up on (another BT book) and send the link to whomever is

Ok then...

I think the following issues would deserve attention:

* Installing chapter: I'm working on it and hope to finish soon (no really this time!)

* Maintaining chapter update

* Creating Basic Zope Applications: I've been wanting to extend and incorporate Jon Whiteners version but never got around to it

* Using Zope Page Templates: judging by the comments there seem to be some trouble spots there

* Reference: IMHO one of the trickier things, especially for the API Ref. because one would first have to decide what constitutes the API and what is simply Zope core...

* A chapter TOC: it would be great if we could have an inter-chapter table of contents; would greatly help navigation esp. in longer chapters -- I seem to recall that someone once mentioned working on such a feature -- Paul maybe?

* Lots of weeding out comments resp. incorporating answers

* Generating PDFs

Anything else?

- peter.

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