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> I do not believe you.

But I believe him. :-)

If Zope has a steep lurning curve, that's nothing compared with CMF.  There
are many good things with CMF, the actions are a good idea, DCWorkflow of
course, and some more. But....

portal_skins are a fundamentally flawed idea and has the tendency to move
logic out from the products into the skins, instead of facilitating a
separation between logic and design. Other evidence that the thinking is
wrong is that skins are stored on disk, but through some clever predenting
on Zopes part they look like they are in the ZODB. This shows that somebody
has been thinking backwards. :-)

The skins that come with CMF are incomprehensible, and stopped me from using
CMF before I was forced to (something which is solved by using Plone or CPS,
but that's not obvious first of all, and secondly, none of them were
available when I started looking at CMF).

And the member management is a complete mess with gazillion tools involved.

A lot of the things that are CMF should have been put into Zope core.
DCWorkflow should have been there. acl_user folder should have been extended
with property management and other member management instead of shimming
tools and wrapping user objects as is done now. And even if portal_skins
would have been included, they should have been empty of skins, instead of
sending with a bunch of skins that makes CMF look like it almost is a
finished product, when in fact, it just a bunch of handy tools.

But ah well, what is done is done. Too late to change the past now. :-0

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