Lennart Regebro wrote:
> From: "Dieter Maurer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > I do not believe you.
> But I believe him. :-)

Adding more framework code to a project as large as Zope already is,
is adding complexity.  It might help you get your project done faster,
because the new tools are better suited to the job, but it doesn't
simplify what a developer needs to know in the long run.  There's
nothing quite as telling as looking at the full set of methods
available on a 3rd or 4th generation object.  By the time you've
crawled your way down the paths of all the inherited classes, you can
usually uncover some fairly severe inconsistencies.  The permissions
associated with those methods are usually laughable by that point.
Mashing 3 different permissions onto the same object meta data via 7
differen't APIs is complete HELL for people who want to program with
any degree of security/privacy, and thats exactly what happens in a
lot of these large add-on frameworks.

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