Joachim Werner wrote:
There are quite a few Zope-based CMS solutions out there, and most of them are better than their commercial counterparts in many respects. But if we had managed to start a joint CMS effort (other than CMF, which is a failure by design) two or three years ago things would look even better now.

It would be great to start something like a Zope3 CMS interest group up, to pool all our CMS experience - start collecting requirements, etc. Seems like a mighty large task, though :-)

I'd like to at least have a session on this topic at Europython.

What we should work on in the future is development tools for Zope. If I get the stuff I know about Zope 3 right it should be relatively easy to write IDEs (or plugins for existing IDEs)...

I know it's said to be slow, but Eclipse has some pretty major momentum behind it... has anyone round here looked at it in detail? I guess it requires you to write loads of Java to produce new plugins :-(

Finally we need industry-strength performance.
> We are just lacking the performance (mostly thanks
to Python being a beautiful, but not really fast language).

I disagree that performance is a problem in Zope 2. With a combination of profiling to eliminate bottlenecks, ZEO, and Squid, Zope hums along beautifully. We are consulting for a company that is in the process of replacing their Java front-end with Zope. They have huge amounts of traffic, and are impressed with Zope's performance compared with their comparable Java system.


P.S. I don't agree with your pessimistic assessment of CMF, or Plone. They're both good at what they do.

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