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Joachim Werner wrote:
There are quite a few Zope-based CMS solutions out there, and most of them are better than their commercial counterparts in many respects. But if we had managed to start a joint CMS effort (other than CMF, which is a failure by design) two or three years ago things would look even better now.

It would be great to start something like a Zope3 CMS interest group up, to pool all our CMS experience - start collecting requirements, etc. Seems like a mighty large task, though :-)

I'd like to at least have a session on this topic at Europython.

Heimo and I have proposed a panel with the CMS's for Zope, to discuss the future of content management in Zope. My goal is to have a session that is structured enough to actually make a constructive step forward, if only in understanding and agreement. Particularly regarding Zope3.

The panelists would be the implementors of current CMSs for Zope. How bout you, Silva, CPS, and Plone? Any others?


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