There's a (another) new Zope-2.8.0-b2-win32.exe available for download at

and all Windows users are urged to try it.  I don't know whether it
will help with error popups if you happen to have an older (than build
204) version of pywin32/win32all installed, but it does repair the
catastrophic problems with PySECURITY_ATTRIBUTES on my box.

[Tim Peters, having trouble with 2.8b2 on Windows, ending with
 Files\Zope-2.8.0-b2\lib\python\Signals\", line
203, in registerHandler
    hevent = win32event.CreateEvent(sa, 0, 0, event_name)
 TypeError: The object is not a PySECURITY_ATTRIBUTES object
[Mark Hammond]
> That sounds alot like duplicate copies of pywintypes23.dll have been loaded
> into the process, with the module 'pywintypes' being one instance explicitly
> loaded by Python, and the other being implicitly loaded by win32event.pyd
> etc dependencies.

All obvious to the most casual observer <wink>.

> ...
> I've managed to reproduce this, and that does seem to be the problem.  I
> think it will only happen when you have an existing pywintypes23.dll in your
> system32.

That was certainly the case on my box, as I have many Pythons
installed independent of Zope/ZODB/ZRS, and installed pywin32 (build
204) for them too.

> A work-around is to ensure pywintypes is the first win32 module imported.
> I've attached a patch (SVN seems down at the moment) which seems to work for
> me.  I'll try and come up with a decent fix for pywin32, but the patch
> should be fine to get this release out.
> [Actually, I'll just forward the patch to Tim.  I've checked it in to 2.7.]

Thank you, Mark!  I'll get it merged into Zope trunk, Zope 2.8 branch,
and (although this is evil, I don't see a sane alternative -- checkins
"should never" be made to a tag) the 2.8b2 tag.

Andreas and Brian, Zope 2.7.6 is broken on Windows in the same way, as
noted in the bug report I referenced yesterday:

IOW, a 2.7.7 release is needed, at least for Windows.  If anyone
pursues that, please let me know in advance so I can coordinate
another ZODB 3.2 bugfix release to go along with it.
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