On 21 Dec 2005, at 18:47, Jim Fulton wrote:
I'll note, FWIW, that we don't do installs from Zope 3 checkouts.
I think it's worth asking whether this is an important requirement.
If it is, then we should make it work.  Question is, is it worth
delaying the release?  I don't know.

IMHO it is an important requirement. We're inviting a hailstorm of questions and annoyed users by breaking this well-known routine for checkouts.

I really think there is not a single good reason for having a different experience for checkouts vs tarballs. It would even lead to major annoyance where I work right now, just to give a real life example. For us, building out a development sandbox is the same process as building out a production instance, and for development buildouts we routinely want to just substitute checkous from a different tag/branch of Zope.


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