Hi everybody,

Just to sketch out my general points to be clear:

* I'm fine with a Zope 3 project that moves things from zope.app into zope.

* I'm also fine with Zope 2 usage guiding which things should be moved first.

* I'm not fine with a Zope 2 shipping with only parts of the library-like functionality of Zope 3. I think the Five project, along with Five users, should continue to have the ability to expose bits of Zope 3, no matter where they happen to be residing (zope or zope.app), into Zope 2.

* I don't see why shipping zope.app (as long as it exists) with Zope 2 is a problem. It doesn't hurt except for taking up a bit more of cheap diskspace.

* You could argue for removing those bits of zope.app that really have nothing to do with Zope 2, but I'd still be careful here. Someone might *want* to work on a new publisher for Zope 2 that uses Twisted, using bits of Zope 3 that integrate with Twisted, and why make life more difficult for them?

* if you do not ship zope.app with Zope 2 anymore, the usage by Zope 2 will stop being a guide for which things to move from zope.app into zope next.



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