yuppie wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> yuppie wrote:
>>> And CMF uses zope.app.locales.extract. Not in the CMF products, but for
>>> a script that extracts i18n messages. That script is a quick hack and
>>> zope.app.locales.extract isn't really made for reuse. But it contains
>>> some useful code.
>> You're quite right. We should probably just move the whole
>> zope.app.locales package. Perhaps to zope.translations?
>> Perhaps it would also make sense to put the extractor and the ZCML
>> directive handler for i18n:registerTranslations into zope.i18n and have
>> zope.translations just contain the gettext files.
> Sounds good to me. At least if someone finds time to refactor the
> extractor. For now it is quite specific code for creating the zope
> gettext files and would better fit in zope.translations.

On second thought, I think we should think about the zope.app.locales
vs. zope.translation thing a bit harder. I don't think we should move it

As for the extractor: it can very well be used for other projects than
Zope 3. As you said, you guys are using it for the CMF. I would
therefore still suggest moving it to zope.i18n.


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