Andreas Jung wrote:
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> This is the "small" solution in which we provide a WSGI-capable frontend
>> to the ZPublisher. The "big" solution would be to replace ZPublisher
>> with zope.publisher and a custom Zope2-oriented publication +
>> appropriate traversers. In this case I wouldn't advise for adapting the
>> Zope 3 request to a Zope 2 request. I would rather introduce a new
>> request type, IZope2Request, based on zope.publisher's IBrowserRequest,
>> that provides all the additional Zope 2 API.
>> I think the "big" solution would take a considerable effort. It's less
>> than three weeks before feature freeze. That is very little time even
>> for the "small" solution.
> Big or small? Would this be an optional and configurable feature or
> replacement of the current infrastructure?

I think it'd be technically possible to have both solutions coexist.
After all, that's what we're doing in Zope 3. and can coexist easily, I don't see why it shouldn't be
possible in Zope 2.


Btw, if new packages need to be created (I don't think Five is the right
place for all of this), I would very much like to recommend putting them
under Zope2, essentially making the Zope2 package the equivalent of for the Zope 2 world.
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