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At some point you have to make a cut to get rid of old crap. Fixing the zLOG issue is a straight forward approach with very little risks for the programmer and it won't take too much time..I don't see a major problem with that.

Except that it hits a sore spot for open source right on the head.

Products are developed for our customers, and they will keep working for those customers until they choose to upgrade.

In my case, a single product often starts out as a tool for a single customer, that I then make available. Usually I get a lot of (unreasonable) change request that I ignore :-s, but no bug fixes at all. That is fair enough, as I don't fix many bugs in other peoples products.

But the problem is that I don't fix bugs that doesn't exist for my customers. So deprecation warnings are ignored, until the product sponsor chooses upgrade.

If this is how OSS generally works, as I expect, then deprecations will break stuff that just doesn't get fixed. And new user will find it impossible to get all the products they need to work together, in the latest version.

But the problem is probably not the time based release, just that there is to few generations for deprecations.


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