Philipp von weitershausen wrote:

>For these use cases it is not necessary to use a complex machinery like ZClasses. The objects we're talking >about here could be very very dull, to the point where we don't need something like a dynamically constructed >class.

I appreciate all your comments. It helps me better understand what I am dong. In fact I do dynamically build my ZClasses on the fly on the production server. When I build a new job board, a whole bunch of stuff gets automagically done. I have code writing code. Then the users create specific instances of ZClasses. I love the idea that Zope 3 includes schema information. I love the idea of building Zope 3 schemas through the web. But Legacy code and data has a powerful gravitational pull. I have a working application, it is very little work to make the upgrades I need to make. It is a huge amount of work to migrate it to Zope 3. If I built a new application, it would be in Zope 3. For the existing stuff I am happy enough with Zope 2. It is so much better than PHP!

In terms of motivations, I am happy enough with Zope 2.7* I do not really understand the new upgrades, or what the changes are, or what the benefits are. With all due respect, I would prefer stability in my platform rather than evolution.

At some point I will come up with a limitation of Zope 2.7*, I will need to upgrade, ZClasses will not be working, and I will then do something.

In the meantime my attention is much more focussed on how to manage my employees better using my application. Thanks for all the advice. I expect you will hear back from me when ZClasses are next discussed on this mailing list.


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