Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2007-2-4 18:35 +0100:
> ....
>Monkey patches should be avoided when they can. I think that's something 
>we don't need to discuss.

You think this way but I disagree...

   There are (potentially) dangerous monkey patches and harmless ones.

   We discuss about a harmless one: adding a new method when extended
   functionality is available.

   The monkey patch to CMFCore.CatalogTool.CatalogTool is necessary
   to ensure that "CatalogTool" searching (via "evalAdvancedQuery")
   behaves as usual for this tool (i.e. take View permission and
   validaty range into account).

>Integrating a product into Zope is the perfect 
>opportunity to get rid of monkey patches and consolidate the fixes into 
>the main product lines. Therefore, the CMF should rather grow that 
>method itself than having it patched in by Zope.

Only in case of a tight integration, i.e. when "ZCatalog" and
"CMFCore.CatalogTool" can take for granted that "AdvancedQuery" is

As I understand you, you are against tight integration of "AdvancedQuery".

Even if tight integration should be opted for, I will fight for backward
compatibility: the monkey patch will stay until both ZCatalog and the CMF
have grown the new methods.

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