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Dieter Maurer wrote:
Whit ("mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]") reported that "AdvancedQuery"
is going to ship with Plone3 and that packaging would be easier for them if
"AdvancedQuery" were part of the Zope 2 distribution.
According to Whit, Alexander Limi seems to be interested to have
"Managable Index" in the Zope 2 distribution, as well.

I have no problems to donate "AdvancedQuery" and/or "Managable Index"
to the Zope Foundation *BUT* I will not modify the code to bring
it in line with the different style requirements usually applied
to Zope components: e.g.

  * my code uses 2 blank indentation rather than the usual 4 blank
    (to make it more readable and easier to maintain for me)
* I much prefer unit tests over doctests; thus, "AdvancedQuery"
    and "Managable Index" come with extensive unit tests and no

  * I use camel case also for parameters and local variables
    and not only for functions and "global" objects.

Is there interest in "AdvancedQuery" and/or "Managable Index"
to become part of the Zope 2 distribution under these conditions?

These seem to be mature products with a lot of valuable code and documentation. I think the Zope Foundation should count itself lucky to get a donation like that.

Unfortunately integrating a product into the Zope core means more than just adjusting the coding style:

- As already mentioned in this thread, monkey patches and code like fixPluginIndexes.py have to be resolved. AdvancedQuery contains a monkey patch for CMF - that should not be shipped with Zope core.

- "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it." Do we really need two different query methods in the catalog? Two different FieldIndexes, KeywordIndexes and PathIndexes in the core? Or is there a way to merge them or to deprecate one?

- ManagableIndex seems to resolve some cataloging issues in the Zope 2 TTW way that are resolved in Zope 3 using adapters. Isn't that a step in the wrong direction?

- Should we add new products to the core? I thought we want to move away from products and use python packages instead. The AdvancedQuery code might become part of the ZCatalog package, ManagableIndex might be converted to a non-products package.

Of course this is just my opinion. These are no official rules.



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