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Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Fred Drake wrote:
> [snip]
>>>> For example, say you want to install oi.plum. You need to add the line
>>>> 'oi.plum' twice - once under 'eggs' and once under 'zcml' in your
>>>> buildout.cfg. Forget the latter, and the package doesn't work properly
>>>> (or at all).
>>> I actually really like this; I don't get the configuration for a
>>> package unless I ask for it.  It's not unusual to want only the code
>>> and not the default configuration for a package.
>> Right - but you're building an application, and you're pretty 
>> experienced with Zope. A lot of Plone users just want to install a 
>> plug-in (a product), basically. Before, they just dropped it into a 
>> directory. Now, they declare it twice in a file (presuming there's a 
>> cheese shop release). That's a (small) step backwards (duplication). 
>> Declaring it once would be a step forwards (no manual download)
> Right - if I understand this well, this would introduce the option not 
> to have to repeat yourself. You use the egg and that takes care of 
> loading the ZCML. Sounds like a good thing, as long as it can somehow be 
> turned off. This would be a good thing for Grok to have.

Unless the authors of the eggs you are using have exactly your use
cases, automagically enabling all the ZCML in their pacakge is going to
cause you grief.  In this case, as in classic Zope3, convenience and
clean reuse are pulling in separate directions.  With all its warts, at
least the QuickInstaller tool in Plone allows the site manager to choose
which plugins to enable / disable.

Now, if the Grok admin UI kept a persistent list of the enbled packages,
and exposed a way to inspect both the available and enbaled versions,
that would be a reasonable facility.  The Zope2 Control_Panel could
expose a similar feature for "product"-like packages.

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