Martin Aspeli wrote:
Fred Drake wrote:
For example, say you want to install oi.plum. You need to add the line
'oi.plum' twice - once under 'eggs' and once under 'zcml' in your
buildout.cfg. Forget the latter, and the package doesn't work properly
(or at all).

I actually really like this; I don't get the configuration for a
package unless I ask for it.  It's not unusual to want only the code
and not the default configuration for a package.

Right - but you're building an application, and you're pretty experienced with Zope. A lot of Plone users just want to install a plug-in (a product), basically. Before, they just dropped it into a directory. Now, they declare it twice in a file (presuming there's a cheese shop release). That's a (small) step backwards (duplication). Declaring it once would be a step forwards (no manual download)

Right - if I understand this well, this would introduce the option not to have to repeat yourself. You use the egg and that takes care of loading the ZCML. Sounds like a good thing, as long as it can somehow be turned off. This would be a good thing for Grok to have.



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