On 10/24/07, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Maybe we need to add a term, 'plugin', to describe things like Zope2
> products which register only "behavior" and not "addable applications."
>  The line gets fuzzy here, too:  PAS uses 'plugin' to describe an object
> which is added to a persistent user folder, and then configured to
> perform one or more roles in its framework.  Oooh, there's another term,
> 'framework'.  In my mind, 'frameworks' declare interfaces for 'plugins'
> to supply.  OTOH, 'frameworks' don't want every possible plugin to be
> magicdally configured:  they are all about explicit configuration.

It gets fuzzy, but I think trying to get a common usage of the words
is useful. And your usage seems useful.

Note that of course PAS is both a plugin *and* a framework in this usage. :-)

> Plone makes configuring QuickInstaller-enabled products explicit:  the
> site manager gets to choose at runtime (not at startup), and can change
> her mind later.  In that sense, Plone is 'framework'-like, rather than
> 'application'-like.

I can definitely see a use in the zope3 and grok world for some more
ZODB persistent configuration. Maybe much of what is today actually
done in ZCML shuld rather be done there?

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