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On 10/24/07, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Maybe we need to add a term, 'plugin', to describe things like Zope2
products which register only "behavior" and not "addable applications." The line gets fuzzy here, too: PAS uses 'plugin' to describe an object
which is added to a persistent user folder, and then configured to
perform one or more roles in its framework. Oooh, there's another term, 'framework'. In my mind, 'frameworks' declare interfaces for 'plugins'
to supply.  OTOH, 'frameworks' don't want every possible plugin to be
magicdally configured:  they are all about explicit configuration.

It gets fuzzy, but I think trying to get a common usage of the words
is useful. And your usage seems useful.

Note that of course PAS is both a plugin *and* a framework in this usage. :-)

Plone makes configuring QuickInstaller-enabled products explicit: the site manager gets to choose at runtime (not at startup), and can change her mind later. In that sense, Plone is 'framework'-like, rather than

I can definitely see a use in the zope3 and grok world for some more
ZODB persistent configuration. Maybe much of what is today actually
done in ZCML shuld rather be done there?

Does it need to be persistent or just placeful? Being able to specify multiple component registries via ZCML (maybe within a container tag), and then associating one with a 'site' has always seemed to make sense to me.

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