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Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> Would it be possible to have a non-system python installed (by default
> into /opt/python24) by the system python easy_install? I think it would be
> useful to have eggs that provide commands on the path such as
> easy_install_nonsystem24, virtualenv_nonsystem24, python_nonsystem24. With
> a better spelling, of course.
> Perhaps if non-system pythons were packaged in a way that setuptools could
> install them, they might become ordinary dependencies of Zope/Plone eggs,
> which could detect and configure to use them in a virtualenv at setup
> time.
> I don't know if setuptools is currently capable of installing packages
> completely separate from the running environment, or executing another
> python during setup. However, It seems to me that the most expedient way
> to encourage widespread use of non-system python is to make them available
> as a dependency for applications and frameworks that prefer them.
> After my distribution (Gentoo) updated to python2.5, I made the overdue
> switch to a buildout-based non-system python. I greatly appreciate the
> fact that it has no packages installed and never changes, obliging me to
> use buildout or virtualenv always.
> I'd like to have the best-practice setup available as an easy_installable
> package. On my distribution, tools are already available to package
> complete/correct PyPI entries.

'virtualenv' installs setuptools (and therefore 'easy_install') into the
newly-created environment, which means that you don't use the "system"
easy_install at all (except perhaps to bootstrap 'virtualenv' itself).

  $ sudo /usr/bin/easy_install virtualenv
  $ /usr/bin/virtualenv /path/to/my/app
  $ /path/to/my/app/bin/easy_install foobar

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